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Filters and Filterskins are cheap, engine rebuilds are expensive. If you don't filter the dirt out of your air, your engine will filter the cash out of your wallet.

Filterskins are an extremely thin and durable air filter cover that allow for maximum airflow and so effective it will catch up to 90% of the dirt that tries to pass through the filter not only extending the life of each filter but making it more effective. 

Between races or rides simply pull off a dirty FilterSkin to expose a clean filter underneath. Its like installing a new filter halfway through a long ride. Or better yet carry another oiled Fitlerskin with you to install and finish your ride on.

One of the most important and low cost mods every rider should do to his bike.

For the best protection and easier air filter maintenance, we recommend using a Pro-Seal Air Filter Gasket.

FITMENT: all 125-501 KTM, Husqvarna, Husaberg motorcycles

Come in a 3 pack, require oiling with your favorite filter oil.


Pair this with a PC Racing Air Filter Base Gasket,  Moto Minded Air Filter Disk, KTM screenless air fitler, Twin Air Flame Proof Works Air Filter, Un Restricted Straight Shot Power Boot, Twin Air Throttle Body Kit for an all in unbeatable air intake system.



  • An extremely thin yet durable cover for your air cleaner.

  • Designed to allow maximum air flow while trapping 90% of the dirt.

  • Pull it off to reveal a virtually clean and new filter underneath.

  • Filter Skins can be washed to be reused multiple times.

  • Baja tested and proven - we never take a bike to Mexico without a Filter Skins