**COVID 19 ALERT**  Due to the seemingly endless effects of the global pandemic please be aware and patient with the new realities of longer lead times, product backorders and longer then normal shipping times. Everyone in the supply chain is doing the best they can to make the magic happen I can promise you.  If you're on a tight timeline or want to confirm stock on a part before you order it please call us. We can give you up to the moment stocking info on the items you're after.  Thanks for your patience and your business.  And always remember that besides you, no one loves your bike more than we do.

Taco Moto Co.

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Our Return Policy

Let's keep this simple.

1. If you buy something from us and decide you don't like it OR you changed your mind OR you inadvertently bought the wrong thing for the wrong bike - oops (in other words, your fault) ... and assuming it has NO installation marks, scuffs, or damage in the ORIGINAL UNOPENED packaging and can go back on the shelf, we'll email you a call tag and refund you back to to the card of purchase less shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee.

2. If it's an electrical item such as an ECU, tuner, headlight, switch or other such component our official  policy is no refunds or returns. HOWEVER there may be circumstances where we'll return an electrical item determined to be 'bad out of the box'. These things can happen. Please contact us if you're having an issue with an electrical component and we'll get you sorted out and smiling. 

3. If we screwed up and it's OUR fault because we sent the wrong part or it was defective etc ...
then you're fully entitled to a complete refund or exchange and free return shipping.

If ya got any questions about any of this holla.


Due to disruptions in normal business practices due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the impact to carriers and shippers delivery time lines may take longer than usual.