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Do the signals on your bike all blink like 4-way flashers after upgrading the front or rear or all to LED’s? The problem is the stock incandescent flasher indicator bulb being incompatible w the new LED lights.

That problem can be solved by just removing the bulb and call it good while others cut up the bulb harness and solder diodes on the lines.

But if you’d like to keep the indicator function and don’t want to make a bunch of trips to Radio Shack (are they still even around?!) you’ll need one of our plug and play indicator bulb kits.

Simply unplug the bulb from behind the green signal flasher indicator on the dash (the green light with the two arrows pointing in both directions), replace the stock bulb w the new connector and reinstall the new LED flasher indicator back in the housing.

Ground the included pigtail to the frame and your signal indicator will now flash in both the right or left direction as normal and no more hazard lights.

With LED signals you’ll also need an LED specific flasher otherwise they’ll blink at a 2x flash rate.

Fully compatible with the plug and ride head turning Taco Moto Co. Fork Wrap 360’s. The award winning magazine featured front signals that will completely set you bike apart. 

Or to really clean up the bike and take a look at the Taco Moto Co. exclusive TIDY TAIL