Seat Concepts / Comfort LOW / 2020+ KTM 350/500 EXC-F

Seat Concepts / Comfort LOW / 2020+ KTM 350/500 EXC-F

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*** Pre-Ordered seats ship 4-6 weeks from order per seat concepts lead time ***

Seat Concepts Comfort Seat Low KTM 20+

Features black carbon fiber sides, gripper top and orange stitching.

Seat Concepts seats are constructed using a foam material that is a much higher quality than OEM seat foam. Our proprietary formula provides a more plush and active ride, while still offering the necessary amount of support. Our unique comfort shape maintains a similar contour to stock at the front of the seat so the rider’s legs are not spread farther apart, but tapers out towards the mid-point to distribute rider weight over a greater area.

These features combine to offer a custom seat feel, and provide greater enjoyment and increased range on a long commute, or Dual-Sport ride!

2018 KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition 
2019-20 KTM 125-450 SX/XC SX-F/XC-F 
2020-22 KTM 150-500 XC-W/XCF-W/EXC-F