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Clutch and Brake Lever Advantages

Designed for the KTM Dirt Bike, but with applications on many Husaqberg, GasGas, Husqvarna, Beta and Sherco and TM dirt bikes, the primary advantage of this lever is a 50% reduction in actuation force. This means less fatigue, less arm pump and more endurance especially during high intensity race conditions.

 A "shorty" lever length allows a one or two finger operation enabling you to squeeze the lever to the bar without releasing your grip with the rest of your fingers. Depending on the mounting position you employ, you can even go for a three finger grab when necessary. The ball on the lever end meets AMA safety rule requirements and provides a comfortable grip reference for your fingers; it also helps prevent accidental release while traversing rough terrain at high speed. The width of the lever distributes the contact pressure over a greater surface area on your fingers reducing load concentrations that induce blistering.

M2C Midwest Engineering Clutch Lever Force Comparison

Complete your handle bar controls with a matching Brembo brake lever. This lever utilizes the stock pivot geometry so the action is the same as a stock brake lever. The difference is that the brake lever is the same "shorty" length as the CLever clutch levers and has the same ergonomic feel of the wide blade. These features allow you to use a one or two fingered grip on the lever with either a short or long reach. You can maintain a tight grip on your bars using your remaining fingers with no danger of trapping them in between the blade and the bar in a panic grab situation.




B2B Brake Lever by Midwest Mountain Engineering efficient brake and clutch levers for dirt bikes from the USA sold around the world

Brembo (B2B) Fits:

  • KTM 14'-24' 125-500 All Models   
  • Husqvarna 14'-17' 125-501 TE/TC/TX/FE/FX – Brembo Brakes  
  • Sherco All Models with Brembo clutch and brake master cylinders





    About Midwest Mountain Engineering

    Dirt Bike Brake & Clutch Lever Design - Our Story

    They say “necessity is the mother of all invention” and it is true in this case. My riding buddy developed a severe case of Psoriatic Arthritis affecting his hands and feet. He eventually gained control of his condition with self administered injections but for a while it was looking like his riding days were over. We take our kids riding and camping with us all over the place and they have become best friends. Since Jerry is our fearless leader, the future of continuing adventures was in question. Standing on foot pegs was painful and was bad enough but working the clutch at all, let alone at the level Jerry was used to would be impossible. Something needed to change.

    We began discussing ways to reduce clutch forces. Jerry had purchased the smaller diameter master cylinder for his old KTM 200 and I had put the Raptor lever sold by MSR on my YZ250 years ago. We got to thinking that there must be a mechanical way to do the same thing for a hydraulic clutch that the Raptor did for a cable clutch. We handmade several prototypes to take to a local trail ride and found some Double A riders to try them out. They worked well enough that one guy who squeezed the lever questioned whether it was actually connected to the clutch!

    We received a patent in 2011 and have been selling levers for over 10 years now.  We have delivered our products to just about every country in the world!