Haverford 2600 Underwater Moto Expedition Kit
Haverford 2600 Underwater Moto Expedition Kit
Haverford 2600 Underwater Moto Expedition Kit

Haverford 2600 Underwater Moto Expedition Kit

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Holder of multiple world records for deepest underwater motorcycle ride (19.4 feet), longest underwater wheelie (.23 mile) and submerged speed record (18.2 nautical mph) - the Haverford 2600 'Moto Lung' was developed by British engineer and tire nipple designer Alton Haverford to be used by fish herders and Loch Ness Monster researchers in the early 70's.

The original kit test fitted to a Yamaha YZ125 was hoped to be the first of a series of 'hydro-cycles' demonstrating their suitability for a new racing series Haverford planned creating using his 'motor lung' ventilation systems, with a demonstration race held under the Thames River at the 1974 London Exposium. Regrettably technical problems with the guppy filter screen apparatus prevented him from staging the first race.
He returned for the 75' Exposium with a more fully realized and sorted out bike but this time his swim fins interfered with shifting causing him to stall the bike 10 feet out from shore ending his chances to impress the judges and motoring press. 
The Queen Mum in attendence for this race (a major fan and collector of the YZ125’s) waived off the attempt as a farse and left the viewing platform in disgust. 
Ridiculed and maligned in the moto press Haveeford scrapped the project and returned to live out the rest of his life at his family’s carrot breeding farm. 
The blueprints and early prototypes were packed away in a shed in New Darby until Nigel Powers an accounting apprentice and harmonica tuner discovered them and spent the next year bringing Alton's idea and dream to reality by testing the system in Portugal in secret until he'd mastered the flaws in the original design and revealed it in the spring of 77' to an assembled throng of 9.
And with photographers, stenographers and pornographers as well as Guinness Book World Record observers in attendance, Powers set three records and single handedly created a new motorcycle category. 
Nigel's subsequent attempts to sell design patents and licensing rights to Triumph and Hodaka all failed and he eventually abandoned the project and equipment in a shed near the Downton Abbey where it was quickly forgotten to history. 
Until now.
Taco Moto Co. brings this revolutionary system to a modern motorcycling word with compatibility for all 08-20 EXC and FE bikes. 
KT-Swim and AquaVarna rebranding sticker kit is included. 
Please specify when ordering what the dominant fish type is in the rivers or lakes (not Coast Guard certified for open ocean use) where you'll be riding and we'll customize the lures and handle bar rod holder adapter for your local area.