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Life is way too short to ride a bike that looks just like everyone else's so we're bringing a level of style, design, service and quality to moto graphics kits completely pushing the boundaries in every way possible - because the old way is never our way.


The color of the plastics you apply your graphics over will have an impact on the look of your bike, click this LINK to be taken to a style guide that will help you decide what your bike might look like using different plastic colors.


We'll email you a draft design for approval in a few business days and once the design is confirmed and accepted we'll begin the printing process and depending on current workloads your kit should ship in about 2-3 weeks. 


We use the toughest sticker materials known to man with a unique proprietary polymer top layer that allows trapped air bubbles to escape for the best lay flay look possible.

Warning - full nerd-speak ahead: our kits all use Substance Ultracurve X1 which is a revolutionary 6.0mil flexible polymeric vinyl super film containing bubble-free FLO Technology. It's backed with a highly aggressive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system specifically engineered to adhere to difficult substrates including dirt bike, ADV bikes, ATVs, side-x-sides, karts, and most low surface energy plastics. Because it's composed of an opaque 4.0mil vinyl film backed with 2.0mil of highly-aggressive solvent-based permanent pressure sensitive adhesive, it allows your graphics to be fitted faster, more accurately and with less bubbles and blemishes than with traditional graphics materials. The revolutionary FLO Technology base layer allows any air trapped underneath to pass through and escape for the ultimate lay-flat look.

Durability: up to 7 years
Thickness: 150 microns
Face film:  Flexible polymeric vinyl super film 
Adhesive: Ultra High Tack with ‘FLO’ Airfree adhesive system
Opacity: 100%
Liner: 170gsm PE Coated easy release lay-flat paper
Post application peel adhesion: 35N/25mm from stainless steel 


FLAT MATTE - This finish has is a subdued and classy look that's perfect for designs with lots of black, gray and darker colors - and you've no doubt seen this look on the 'murdered out' lowered AMG's and Beemers at the rapper car shows.

ULTRA GLOSS - Looking like liquid water this laminate shimmers and shines with the classic look of freshly applied lip gloss and is the standard go-to finish choice for OEM bike graphics and most of the MX graphics kits you've ever seen. 

GALACTIC SPARKLE - Fully Glitter Fabulous this sparkly in the sun super fresh finish is nearly as cool as a stroked and blown glitter-flake gellcoated 70's jet boat blasting Zeppelin IV on Lake Havasu over the 4th of July weekend. 

The bottom line is all our kits have the best designs and use the best materials available or else why would we even bother.


Semi custom kits start at $285 + $16 UPS Ground (in the Continental US) shipping and include:

  • Name and race number
  • up to 5 logos
  • Installation tool kit
  • Matte or Ultra Gloss Laminate


  • Additional logos +$5 each
  • Tire Rim Stickers +$30
  • Bike Stand Stickers +$30
  • Galactic Sparkle Laminate +$30
  • Chrome Laminate +$95