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Source your new ECU from the number one AIM ecu dealer in the US.

AiM Taipan ECU's from Taco Moto Co ship pre-loaded with exclusive maps and configuration developed by our team of riders and racers including product torture testing in Baja Mexico.

Others may also be selling a Honda AIM ecu and may even have a lower price, but trust us when we say that you want one from Taco Moto Co. 

Eliminate the annoying and dangerous snatchy herky-jerky throttle and hard-to-ride characteristics of the CRF450 L and RL and turn it into the bike it should be.

Taco Moto and AIM have worked together closely to create the unique mapping and firmware in our units and our commitment to the platform is demonstrated by our visit to the AIM manufacturing / testing facility in Italy as well as having three of their engineers to our Las Vegas shop to test and improve the ecu.


    • Map 1: OPEN EXHAUST - RACE MODE (full system or slip on)  full wide open unrestricted honey badger race power on 91-93 pump gas
    • MAP 2: OPEN EXHAUST - ENDURO SINGLE TRACK MODE  (full system or slip on) smooth and linear low end power for riding the gnar gnar rough stuff eliminating the lurchy snappy throttle feel of the stock ecu. Combine this map with a 7oz flywheel weight and a Rekluse clutch and you've got a machine that can be chugged and lugged up over and through virtually anything. It’s such an improvement over the stock bike it’s completely transformative. 
    • MAP 3: OPEN EXHAUST - ECONOMY MODE  same as MAP 1 with an economy cruise zone ‘highway map’ that will improve mileage up to 10% in the 4,500 - 7,500 rpm range.
    • MAP 4: STOCK EXHAUST - RACE MODE  (stock muffler with the L/RL or X header) full wide open unrestricted honey badger power on 91-93 pump gas
    • MAP 5: STOCK EXHAUST - ENDURO SINGLE TRACK MODE  (stock muffler with the L/RL or X header) smooth and linear low end power for riding the gnar gnar rough stuff eliminating the lurchy snappy throttle feel of the stock ecu. Combine this map with a 7oz flywheel weight and a Rekluse clutch and you've got a machine that can be chugged and lugged up over and through almost anything. It’s such an improvement over the stock bike it’s completely transformative. 



A map switch is not required to run the AIM ecu on your bike, when ordering please advise us on which of the five maps you'd like to have your unit programmed for.


By adding the two position toggle map switch you can flip between any of our two maps. When ordering please advise us on which of the two maps you'd like to have your unit programmed for.


By adding the HBS Map Switch you can toggle between all five maps, make fuel trim changes to any of the maps, access the five levels of traction control for any map and activate launch control. 

In a specification faceoff with the Vortex ecu the AIM wins every category 

  • Nearly stall proof performance 
  • Solves the known issues with the Vortex ecu on the Honda's of intermittent or no cooling fan control and the random engine shut-off issues. 
  • Faster CPU clock speed - in fact it’s got the fastest processor of any ECU on the market today - this is something you can feel in the throttle response and rider feedback. 
  • More RAM for better data processing than any ECU currently available - again something that makes a difference in how the bike handles and responds to throttle inputs. 
  • Better transition fueling capabilities and ignition management than any other ECU
  • Newest, most modern IC chips and electronics - generations better than the Vortex which provides better and more accurate sensor data processing and better rider feel and throttle response
  • Full functionality with the 12 O'clock Labs Mini Gauge
  • Produced by AIM Italy a leader in Formula 1 race technology and electronics
  • 5 mode traction control that’s incredibly useful and noticeable much more so than the 1 mode option on the Vortex
  • Launch control capable
  • Low, med and high fuel trim tuning
  • Live altitude fuel trim compensation
  • Alpha-N and speed density fueling management thats rpm dependent for optimum fueling at any rpm from idle to WOT
  • Full data logging capabilities
  • Quick shift capabilities
  • Fully submersible; waterproof
  • Injector power monitoring and low voltage compensation correction strategy 
  • At 20,000 RPM the Taipan guarantees ignition precision to 1/10th of degree for throttle response and crispness like you haven’t experienced from an ECU before
  • Second injector capable
  • 203F on and 194F off fan temp points can be adjusted to a users specific request 
  • Some features require the optional AIM Map Switch
  • On units with 5.23 and newer firmware there's an easy to do TPS calibration procedure to set the TPS end points (see video link bellow). If your ecu has a firmware before 5.23 contact Taco Moto Co. to arrange for an update. 
  • Requires a simple and fast ECU boot and bracket mod as is the case with all aftermarket ECU’s on the Honda
  • Most bikes will be ‘plug and play’ ready to ride, however on some machines a TPS calibration procedure may be necessary to correct for a mis-adjusted stock bike TPS sensor. Note the link to the video procedure above.  
  • The AIM comes with a Taco Moto full money-back guarantee: if you don’t love it and think it’s a better ECU than the Vortex we’ll return it and refund all your money paid. We’re that sure you’ll like it better.

Factory tour photos are from a visit of team Taco Moto to AIM Sportline facilities in Milan Italy















“Hello Mike,
I received the Taipan ECU with the Taco Moto maps and I'm happy to report that my bike runs the best it's ever ran! Fantastic job thank you very much greatly appreciated😃👍🤛”

Shane H., 21’ Honda CRF 450RL


“You guys were right. This bike does it all!
This thing is amazing on any kind of dirt especially a flowing 50” trail. Absolutely phenomenal.
The AIM ECU (Taco Moto), Pro Moto Billet end cap, and Rekluse transformed this from an excellent bike, into such a rideable and amazingly capable bike.

I can’t believe how much it doesn’t “feel” like a big bike in the woods.”
Quinn D, 2022 Husqvarna FE501


"I saw in a forum where a guy had a Vortex ECU in his 450L and he rode a buddies bike that had your AIM ECU unit, both had the same exhaust and air box cover removed and he was impressed at how much better the AIM felt compared his bike, so he wanted to make sure it wasn't a bike difference so he put the AIM in his bike and it felt better smoother and crisper and the low traction map for him was the clincher. So based on that I took a risk and ordered an AIM and had the same experience. The Taco box AIM unit for sure delivered a better ride experience and as noted the Enduro Map option made my bike infinitely more rideable in the single track than before. I've gone from wanting to sell my bike to now telling everyone I know with one to just get an AIM and keep it. Now I guess I have a Vortex for sale instead of a bike. Thanks for your help with making my purchase and getting everything set up. Customer for life"
Cliff R, Ridgecrest Ca, 2019 Honda CRF 450 RL

“Well I accepted your AIM challenge that if I didn’t love it more than the Vortex on my Honda RL you’d buy it back and I have say I’ll be keeping it :)

“I’ve had a Vortex on my bike since I bought it new in 2021 and I thought it was as good as it could get. But I kept reading in the forums and Facebook groups how everyone was talking they liked riding the AIM bike better after switching from a Vortex so I went for it and I’ll be dammed if I’m one of those guys now.

Vet rider, 59 years old former MX racer #1 plate holder, rider since I was 6, power plant maintenance manager turned BDR trial rider and club racer and I’m converted to team pink.

Smoother more rideable throttle feel is what I notice most and your single track enduro map lets me creep up anything, No map on the Vortex was even close to that smooth and the race map reminded me of all my racing glory days. The bike needs to get to BAJA with my buddies this winter.

It’s probably now got to be my best running and riding bike in all the 45 plus dirt machines I’ve owned.

Thanks Taco Team you guys really made a believer out of me.

So I’ll be keeping the AIM, but Mike I have to ask are you possibly in the market for a used Vortex?! ;)”

Tony H, Nephi, Utah


”After buying this in March I finally got the chance to take it out for a real ride. Love it! The AIM ecu worked awesome. Put 55 miles on her yesterday. Gas light came on at the end of the ride so I’m getting 50+ miles to the gallon with the AIM ecu. Not to bad. My Taco AIM completely eliminated the jerky on/off throttle response. The enduro map gives you that smooth throttle response and is perfect for that slow in the woods tactical riding”

JP, Pleasant Vally New York


“It’s just mind blowing to me how well the AIM controller and Graves exhaust system work on my bike. I’ve gone from hating this bike and thinking I made a mistake buying it to absolutely loving it now. I'm considering adding a flywheel weight to see what that will do for me. Thanks for your help in getting this all set up and patiently answering all my many endless questions, your people have been a pleasure to work with and getting the parts in 1 day after the order is what will keep me coming back to you all.”

Mark R, Menifee Ca.


“Rarely does a product perform as advertised... Not true of the AIM ECU from Taco Moto. This unit COMPLETELY transforms the bike.
SOOO much easier to ride and the performance is OUTSTANDING!!
Quit screwing around... BUY IT!!!”

Robbie M.


“Just came back from a ride.

Wow is all I can say. Turned it into a totally different bike.
Money well spent!! And thanks for your support.
Customer for life!”

Al L.


“First time hitting Lake Arrowhead OHV area on the RL. It was hot and humid that day (90F and 70%+ humidity).My bike has an AIM ECU (enduro map 2 TC 5) and Yoshi full exhaust. I use to have a Vortex, and if you guys ask me, the AIM has way better mapping.”

Rithy C, Pamona Ca.


"Hey man went for a ride with the new AIM ECU on my RL, wanted to share my experience since you shared yours with me. I had TMC put the Enduro Map 5 in slot 1 for me since i didn't get the handlebar switch.

All i can say is it feels like my buddies DRZ400, smooth smooth roll on, I purposely tried to stall the bike by lugging it and it was damn amazing how low of rpm i can go now, it literally will chug along.

No more jerking and trying to control the throttle by stabilizing my finger on the brake lever at low speed. Power feels very linear and close to stock with map 5 enduro maybe 2-3 hp more on butt dyne.

Secondly i was very impressed with the MPG, since before i was getting 45-50 with a JD jetting tuner, im now getting in the low 60's at 55-60mph cruising. This should be the first mod along with proper tires for any L or RL owner, it literally transforms your bike, i was a little skeptical at first and thought it was being hyped up but i gotta hand it to the guys at TMC its everything they made it out to be and actually maybe more.

BTW you can bend the tab on the ecu bracket out of the way and it will work, no cutting required. 15min. install "



“It was easy to see why AIM is the clear winner in the 450rl world. It’s loaded with 5 maps, lower fan set points, & map switch that controls all functions. Tacomoto made it easy & shipped next day. Highly recommend.”

Jeff B.


”Brilliant guys just brilliant. I was having a bad ownership experience with my Honda and I just couldn’t get it sorted out to my liking. Multiple visits to the dealer and continued disappointment. Erratic throttle performance, hard power hits when working rock gardens, stalling all the time, exhausted clutch hand from all the feathering. Not happy. I have the AIM now and the motorcycle is reborn. She just works right, I don’t know what else I can say besides that. Thanks for everything Mike and staff, I’ll be back for the map switch and an exhaust (probably a Graves) when I do my overwinter service.”

LT Jimmy W. (ret), Spokane WA, 2022 CRF450RL  


”Perfection so far! It was plug and play simple and I was out riding the same day and my bike is alive like I never would have expected from such a simple mod. I’m in a Facebook riding group and read where a guy had an issue with his and he did a pretty aggressive post trashing you guys out for not being available on a Saturday for a call or something but as a former business owner myself of an alternator rebuilding business I know what it’s like when customers have supersized expectations and in this on line internet era I bet it’s even more so now, so glad I’m retired from all that. Well thanks for the help to get my bike to feel like I wanted it to when I bought it it’s making me smile!”

Richard P, Rio Rancho New Mexico


“I bought an AIM unit from an on line shop in Southern California (I won’t say who) and was not happy with it. My bike was hard staring and had a rough hesitation bog off the bottom. It was hard to get them to believe me and they were very hard to work with and finally allowed me to send it back at my expense for a correction. After 3 weeks I got it back and it was no different. When I called they told me it was because I had a Pro Circuit exhaust and those weren’t compatible with the AIM. Really made me mad.

While looking for solutions in Thumper Talk I found out about Taco Moto and talked to them and even though I didn’t buy anything from them they emailed me a free shipping tag and whatever they did inside my AIM fully fixed it because when I got it back after 2 days my bike starts and idles better, there’s no hesitation now and it runs so damn good on my Pro Circuit.

Those guys are absolute experts with these ECU’s. Take it from me don’t bother getting these ECU’s from the clowns I dealt with and just deal with Robert or Mike from Taco.

Phil D, Ridgecrest CA


”Tanks Mike for such great service and fast shipping, I ordered my AIM on Monday and had it the next day, my Supermoto setup is now complete and I’m doing my first track day race on Saturday and I’m so happy how this all came together. If I win I’ll say you’re my sponsor! Please let me know when you have a video up on how to do the firmware updates with the connector bridge thing you mentioned because I really want to keep mine current as you guys make improvements. Keep the shiny side up.”

Danny M, Phoenix 


”Just took the Redhead for a ride …AiM in Map 2… Holy Hell… POWER EVERYWHERE!!”

Robbie M, Tennessee 


“After installing the AIM ecu and map switch that I got from Taco Moto on to my CRF450RL, I took my bike out to Kyle Canyon today to test it out on some really washed out rocky roads. My bike preformed amazingly through the gnarly washed out slow stuff that I would have really struggled with before. I highly recommend changing out your stock ECU and tires it will make your bike a completely different bike and boost your confidence big time
No more twitchy throttle!!!!
I highly recommend the AIM ECU!!”

Rob A, Las Vegas 


”2022 CRF450RL and I did the AIM ECU install today. Originally ordered and waited for the Vortex but didn’t want to keeping waiting. The AIM arrived within 5 days of ordering, the install took maybe 30 minutes. A quick 40 minute ride on pavement and gravel roads, my feedback is one word ”smooth.” I can tell it richened up things, decel is not jerky and the downhill decel pop is completely gone. I was hesitant with so many people getting the Vortex, but so far it seems good. I’m still waiting on the map switch (back ordered) and an FMF Q4 (everyone seems out of stock). Great bike so far, just 300 miles on it, and I’m more of a backroad/gravel road/easy trail guy, so the bike should be great for that kind of riding.”

Pat B, North Carolina 


“Since I have received my AIM my vortex has also can came in. I honestly like the AIM better and believe I'm going to Put the vortex online for sale. I like the aim better and I've had the vortex shut down and I have to cycle the key to get it to restart. So far I haven't been able to do any single track riding but I have been riding fire roads and it seems like the AIM has more power and the engine seems to be happier with the AIM. I have the map switches for both ECU's. The vortex doesn't seem to make much of a difference but I did notice a difference with the AIM”

Scott B


"Weekend racer supermoto hero and my bike runs now like a bat out of hell and I'm so in love with this ecu! I can't believe how much better it runs and how smooth it is everywhere in the power with the FMF system. Telling all my friends about this, do you guys have these for other bikes too?"

Doug T, Irving, TX


”I bought the AIM for my 22 and the only mod made to the bike before the ECU was the G2 throttle tamer and mini gauge.  Honestly, I’m contemplating on going back to the stock throttle tube after the ecu because there’s really not a need for the gradual throttle input that the G2 provides. The Aim is awesome and I’ve only stalled the bike once in about 2 months of riding everyday. When the bike is cold the aim has performed and when it’s 98° out the bike performs.  I’m damn happy I made the purchase.”

Tyler H, Colorado 


“I’m a relatively new to the moto world and bought a 2021 Honda CRF450RL as my first bike. I enjoyed the bike, but it has some well known issues with a jerky throttle and is definitely heavier than it’s KTM/Husq competitors.

I decided to upgrade it and reached out to Mike at TacoMoto with A LOT of questions. After a lot of back and forth with Mike, I landed on the full Graves exhaust system and the Athena GET ECU. Sure, it’s not cheap, but this is one of those situations where you really do get what you pay for. Once installed, this became a completely different bike! Tons more power, MUCH smoother throttle, and great sound. That’s in addition to the vast weight savings of the exhaust system. The bike is much more enjoyable to ride, and the product is great.

If you’re on the fence on whether or not to trust TacoMoto with your hard-earned dollars, just go for it. They stand behind their products, and the guys there know these bikes inside and out. I really can’t recommend TacoMoto enough!”

Michael M, West Virginia  


”The on/off low speed throttle opening on the AIM is definitely better than Vortex, seems to be a higher resolution. For the stuff I ride, it’s definitely less herky jerkey and smoother. Reminds me more of riding my correctly tuned carb 300 instead of a snatchy efi big bore 4t. The bike frackin rips, it’s so connected. When I’d get on some flow trail, I don’t think the wheel spins, it just books. Amazing to ride my confidence is through the roof. So smooth. So predictable when I twist the grip. Just love it.”

Francis C


“I ordered from Tacomoto & received it in 3 days. It makes a huge difference in power & smoothness. My bike hasn’t stalled or had hard start since. I don’t even need to use the high idle to cold start. It runs like you’d expect a honda to.”

Taylor B


“Map 1 my favorite 100x smoother than stock and it rips”

Jacob Q


“Back up in the Sierras. AIM. ECU. Working awesome Stock pipe. Off-road tried to get it to stall out and Lug it into the water crossing (dry). Won’t happen Keeps pulling like a tractor. At this point I don’t think I need a flywheel weight or Redluse clutch , Decel down hill great. Like a normal fast bike I’m on map 4. Cause I’m still testing the maps. To see where I Want to Ride at. Happy Camper”

Steve E, Auburn, CA


”Got to give some Credit where it is due, just in my DNA to call it like I see it.

Thanks Taco Moto for the AIM , Map Switch and Graves full titanium exhaust! Just plain awesome upgrade, can’t even describe how much better the bike is! Hardest part of installing was having to leave town 30min later and only rode it a few minutes before hitting the road.

Got home early yesterday just to get some more fun miles in.

Need to spend some time getting to know the maps.

As a Customer Service Manager, I’ll say my experience has been great to date!”

Darrin L


"I hope things are well with you.
Mike...thanks for taking care of me to get the ECU before my trip.
Finally got a chance to give you some follow up now that I have had some time on the AIM ECU........
Awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome!"
Shawn L, Las Vegas NV

“Just took the bike out for a test and already can tell a huge difference! The jerky throttle is gone! It was such a hinderance trying to set the bike up for corner ruts and keep consistent throttle. The install was super easy. I had a couple questions pertaining to the default map it comes with (overnighting the bar switch) and Mike Spurgin was there to awnser immediately. Highly recommend going with this ECU!”
Taylor F, CA

“At 74 I’m still riding and I know the guys from Taco from the improvements they made for my KTM so when I bought this Honda they were the first guys I called. Now I have an AIM ecu, Graves exhaust and a flywheel weight and my RL with my Mosko bags is my favorite bike in the garage. So far I’ve done 6 BDR’s and hope to do more with it. Mike is the best in the business and his YouTube videos are honest and so useful.”

Leland T, Tempe AZ


“Well I got the CRF L 450 dialed in today, Mostly off-road and single tracks. Taco moto Set to map 1 with new Yoshimura Exhaust with spark arrester and all the emissions in tack - Wow.
This bike kept pulling like a Rocket ship. Not one issue with it from boulders single no trail to backroads at 50-65. Gravel roads , some pavement. Well this bike is really what I was dreaming to be and now a bit beyond . What a great day Team Red”
Steve E, Ft Stockton TX
"Thanks!!  Everything worked great, all updates went smooth, the TPS calibration was perfect, instructions were the best. You and your team are awesome.  Definitely earned my respect.  Just got back from a hour test ride and i am still grinning. Bike mapping is perfect.  Love the race mode and the trail ride I switch between the two, but most of my riding is in the trail mode and it is perfect for the riding I do.  I am one happy customer.  Thanks again!"
Doug W, Richmond VA
"Love my Taco Moto Aim thus far! You guys have been awesome. Currently riding the bike every week and weekend. Snow season is quickly approaching… is it possible to send it out then for updates? Don’t want to miss out on riding!"
Aric W

"Unbelievable it’s a brand new bike and I’ve been waiting for over a year to make these changes !!! Night and day difference and love the Graves Titanium. Worth every penny"
Earl S, Stockton CA


“Hi! Just finished all the updates using the spark app on my laptop and installed the new maps provided by you on my 450rl AIm ecu. Wow! I'm impressed! The bike runs fantastic! You guys did a fantastic job turning big red into a motorcycle that's a joy to ride. I did not experience all the bad behavior that most crf450rl owners did such as stahling and trouble with cold starts however the on off throttle.popping.crazy over the bars engine braking and lack of power were issues. All that is history now! I couldn't be happier with the little pink box! Thanks for the excellent product and even better customer service! I wish you and your staff all the best! Thanks again! “

Chris R


”I have the Aim ecu with handlebar switch and I can tell you without a doubt it’s by far the best mod you can make to the bike. You can tell a distinct difference between the maps with the use of the switch. It will smooth out the bike, make it lug better, and make the whole riding experience better. I hated the way my bike rode previous to ecu install. Do yourself a favor and get a tacomoto aim or get ecu and don’t look back. By far the best mod and money that can be spent on the bike.”

Greg B, Washington 


“I bought an AIM from another shop and liked how it performed and heard about Taco Moto in a YouTube video and wanted to try their maps on it, Mike said if I didn’t think it was better he’d refund the money for the map service. Holy s**t the difference is crazy. It’s better everywhere in the power and the single track map is wonderful”

Tom H, Phoenix 


“The AIM from taco moto came preloaded with an enduro tune and runs like a top. I live in NH I run, street, forest, some technical, and hills. I added the throttle tamer first but as soon as i added the ecu there hasn’t been a single time i blamed a stall on anything but my own error.”

Ian P


"Installed the ECU in the bike but forgot to do the TPS set procedure that you reference in the instructions and the bike had a slight bog/misfire when I blip the throttle and a flat spot in the power mid range. But after chatting with you guys tech support rep and realizing that we hadn't done that procedure yet we used the video to calibrate it (easy and quick). What a difference!! Bike runs perfect now. All those issues are gone and she now feels like I thought it should. Pulls great and will lift the front up in 3rd. Super happy with it. Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!!"

Luke H


“I run this on my snow bike in the winter and convert to a dirt bike in the summer and love it. When I had the Vortex in there before I always had fuel in my oil and had to change the oil after every ride and it sucked. The AIM box eliminated all that.”

Andrew P, Idaho


"Well you made a believer out of me. I was skeptical of the AIM having never hear about that brand and was about ready to buy a Vortex like all my friends told me to do but I spotted a post in ADV Rider about the Taco AIM box and the guys really seemed to love it. Then I watched the Dork in the Road youtube guy install and ride with it and really like to so I went for it. Now it's installed on my bike with the stick muffler and I have a few weekends on it and I'm as much of a fan as all the other guys are. Honda needs to offer these Taco boxes at the dealer as an option because I would have bought one"

Mitch T, Salt Lake City 


"When I'm in MAP 2 I now feel like the bike is willing me along the trail and making the entire experience smoother, more controlled and easier to handle. Before it was snappy and harsh and I kept crashing because of the rough hit of the power. Smooth, smooth, smooth. That's what I loved about my DRZ400 and what I wanted in the Honda and was so bummed I almost sold it but now I have what I need for the power and couldn't be happier. Awesome stuff Taco Moto, can't wait to see what else you guys can do more to improve these bikes."

Robbie J, Henderson NV


”I purchased the Aim ecu and handlebar switch from Tacomoto July of last year. I didn’t really enjoy riding the bike prior to the ecu install, especially lower speeds on smooth roads like around town. The ecu changed the bike and has made it a pleasure to ride. I ride 90% dirt in a variety of terrains and having the ability to adjust not only your map but also traction control is an added bonus, I use the enduro map #2 for most riding and the way my bike will lug and tractor is night and day. I did have a handlebar switch go bad about a month ago but I emailed about it and typical of their stellar customer service I got a immediate response! I actually immediately received a shipping notification email followed by a response from Mike. I highly recommend the Aim with the special taco sauce tunes!”


‘Just wanted to give TacoMoto Mike a huge shoutout! Mad the mistake of not getting my ecu through them. Had the typically AIM taipan issues. Mike was more than willing to help get me sorted out right. I shipped my ecu to TacoMoto and got it back within the week. Bike runs the way it shoulda to begin with, so easy to say so far I’m very pleased with the help I got and the results that came from it. My bike runs like a real 450 now and I’m itching to ride more and more. Not to mention they threw in a few stickers with my ecu when it came back and this has to be one of the most rad stickers I’ve seen..immediately went on the shop fridge! Thanks again to Mike and TacoMoto Co!’

Evan - NOTE, Evan didn’t purchase his AIM from us and the seller wasn’t able to sort out some lingering issues he was having so we offered to reflash his unit for free and provided him the needed tech support that worked like a treat  


Q: What is the DEFAULT MAP option tab?
A: This is the 'plug and play' map that will run if no map switch is used with the ecu. If a MULTI MODE or TOGGLE MAP SWITCH is plugged in the unit will follow whatever maps are selected on the switch.

Q: What functionality will I have with the MULTI MODE MAP SWITCH.
A: This switch allows the rider to move between all 5 maps as well as manage traction control, launch control and adjust the fuel trims in 3 throttle zones.

Q: What functionality will I have with the TOGGLE MAP SWITCH?
A: This switch allows a rider to toggle between any 2 of the ecu maps and is configured when the unit ships or can be flashed by us with a firmware update.

Q: Is this unit ready to plug and ride straight out of the box?
A: Yes, so long as the throttle position sensor on your bike is in factory specs. If it's out of range the bike will be hard starting and have poor idling and low speed power. If this is the case we have a fairly simple and easy to do procedure that will calibrate the new ecu to your bike and correct the issue. TPS CALIBRATION PROCEDURE

Q: What idle speed should my bike be set to?
A: 1800-1900 and this is a very important thing to have set accurately to ensure reliable starting, low speed drivability and reduce engine braking.

Q: What is the UC Bridge?
A: This interface device allows you to connect your Windows PC or laptop to your ecu on or off the bike and update the maps and firmware as new features and functions are released. Riders can also take advantage of these updates by sending their units to Taco Moto for updating



This device is for Closed Course Competition Use only.

Not Intended for Street Use!  Does not conform to CARB / EPA laws and regulations and is not legal for highway use.

Your order of this product is your consent of agreement to these terms.  You agree to hold harmless Taco Moto Co. and AIM Sportline from any damages you may incur from the use of this product and you consent to the mandate that this device be installed on a closed course competition use only racing vehicle and will not be used on a regulated highway.