FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb
FMF Stainless MegaBomb

FMF Stainless MegaBomb

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 **FMF’s are in and out of stock based on availability from the manufacturer. Lead times range from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Email us to confirm if the one you need is in stock at the time of order**

The science behind the MegaBomb header may be FMF's greatest engineering accomplishment to date. You can bolt on a MegaBomb for as much as a 3 horsepower boost, plus the MegaBomb actually reduces noise levels by as much as 1.5dB. The FMF MegaBomb header is yet another testament to the continued dedication of FMF to developing the best performing motorcycle exhaust components. Used by Factory Teams, the MegaBomb is the next level technology you can have today.

  • Produces long header torque and short header over-rev.
  • The larger midsection creates a larger surface area for sound dissipation to reduce the sound output by as much as 1.5dB.
  • Increases output from stock motor as much as 3 HP, alone.
  • Made from premium American stainless steel material.
  • Designed with a unique midsection, comparable to the PowerBomb header, that provides improved power across the power range.
  • The unique design of the MegaBomb header allows for better low end torque similar to a long header while also improving top end power much like a short header.
  • Although the MegaBomb header offers the advantages of a long header, the design of the MegaBomb header reduces the length and the chances of getting in the way or suffering damage.





TYPE A (PN#045661)

  • 20 FE, FEs 501 
  • 20 500 EXCF, XCF-W

TYPE B (PN#045643)

  • 20 FE, FEs 350 
  • 20 350 EXCF, XCF-W

TYPE C (PN#045624)

  • 19-20 FC, FX 450 
  • 18,20 FC 450 ROCKSTAR EDITION 
  • 19-20 KTM 450 SX-F, XC-F

TYPE D (PN#045622)

  • 19-20 FC, FX 350 
  • 19-20 350 SX-F, XC-F

TYPE E (PN#045620)

  • 19-20 FC250 
  • 19-20 250 SX-F, XC-F

TYPE F (PN#045640)

  • 17-19 FE 350 
  • 17-19 350 EXC-F

TYPE G (PN#045466)

  • 13-14 HUSABERG FE 501 
  • 12-16 500 EXC 
  • 12-14 500 XCF-W 
  • 13-16 500 XC-W

TYPE H (PN#045391)

  • 13-14 HUSABERG FE 250 
  • 11-12 250 SX-F 
  • 11 250 XC-F 
  • 12-13 250 XCF-W


Sound levels at idle speed tested at 1' above and 1' behind each
muffler on the same 21' 500 EXCF tested back to back.

Stock muffler 82
Stock w Pro Moto end cap / ultra silent insert 85
Stock w Pro Moto end cap / silent insert 86
Stock w Pro Moto end cap 88

Graves Motorsports w db killer 85
Graves Motorsports 89

Fmf q4 84
Fmf 4.1 88
Fmf power core 88

Lexx w db killer 86
Lexx w spark arrestor insert 87
Lexx 89

Akropovic 85