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The best 'piggy back' tuner you can buy

A Taco Moto Co. exclusive  

If you're a racer, rider, tuner or fan of street bikes, Harley's or sport bikes you'll already be familiar with the one of a kind and best in class Power Commander 6. 

Long considered the most powerful fuel tuner in the street world, Taco Moto Co. is bringing that same power and performance to the dirt for the first time.

The PC6 is a 'piggyback' fuel tuner that modifies the fuel rate of flow to the injector in the same way that increasing jet sizes in a carburetor increase flow rate in the carb to modify the tune. We're doing the same thing with the PC6 just now with electronics and many times more accurately.

Comes pre-loaded with Taco Moto Co. exclusive maps.

About the same size as other piggy back style tuners out there, the PC6 has a fuel change range of -100/+250%, automatically giving you the best mix of performance and fuel efficiency at all times.

And best of all we have a portfolio of maps we load into the two map positions accessible through the optional map switch to optimize the power 'personality' based on the ride conditions. 

  • Fully exclusive custom Taco Tours maps already installed 
  • Map 1 is a full power profile to get you all the power and performance trapped in your stock ECU
  • Map 2 is an economy map designed to maximize fuel mileage and range
  • Monitors the bike's TPS sensor, crank position sensor and injector output signal to give you the most accurate and responsive tuning of any piggyback controller
  • Doesn't let the O2 steal it's fuel as may happen with other 'piggy back' style tuners
  • Power output nearly equal to a full replacement ECU
  • Best in class fueling and engine management 
  • Fastest CPU and processor power of any of the 'piggyback' style tuners
  • Compact design for discrete placement
  • Upgradeable with additional features such as auto-tune, launch control, map switch, ignition control module
  • Fully compatible with the Dynojet Power Core Software Suite that gives you full control over your device to make high level mods and upgrades if you're a pro or advanced home tuner
  • Can be professionally optimized to your exact bike at hundreds of Dynojet dealers across the country
  • One year warranty
  • Made in the USA



Pair this device to a Pro Moto Billet End cap or FMF exhaust or Graves exhaust for the ultimate power upgrade.


This device is for Closed Course Competition Use only.

Not Intended for Street Use!  Does not conform to CARB / EPA laws and regulations and is not legal for use upon a highway. This controller is NOT California ON-ROAD approved for CARB E.O. D-654

Your order of this product is your consent of agreement to these terms.  You agree to hold harmless Taco Moto Co. and Dynojet Research from any damages you may incur from the use of this product and you consent to the mandate that this device be installed on a closed course competition use only racing vehicle and will not be used on a regulated highway. 


"Hi!  I just wanted to say, Ive installed the PCV that I ordered on your website, with your custom map for my 2021 fe501 today and I am extremely impressed.  It’s a whole new bike! The thing F**king absolutely RIPS! Thanks so much for the great customer service, installation videos that made it a breeze and your custom map for my bike.  You have my business!"

Adam B


"Just wanted to reach out and say wow. You do awesome work and it is much appreciated by the community. I have placed a few orders with you already and plan to do many more. Just getting started on the adventure / light adventure style of riding on my new 2022 KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days and your channel has been so helpful. I got the Graves exhaust and PCV installed today that you sent me and it was quite literally like riding a different bike. The Butt Dyno feels like no exaggeration a 40% performance increase. It went from fun torque sewing machine to an absolute beast that feels more like a race ready 450 now. Your maps are awesome, truly plug and play took me maybe 30 min to install with your video. I am getting stationed at Fort Carson this summer and can’t wait to explore now. Keep doing what you are doing brother!"