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A simple low cost must-do mod for any KTM /Husky enduro dirtbike 

KTM and Husqvarna enduro fuel injected two and four stroke machines have been designed with a fatal flaw in the electrical system in that they won't run if the battery is below 9.1V minimum voltage, nor can they be kick or bump started.

The Taco Moto Co. start / run capacitor solves this problem.

Baja Tested and Baja proven. We've raced with these in the Baja 1000 and had them save us the drama of pushing or towing bikes out of the back country from Baja to Canada and everywhere in between.
  • Allows the bike to be push or kick started
  • Acts as a mini solid state battery that allows the ecu and injector to be powered until the engine is running
  • Install it on the battery and forget it's even there
  • Protected for a lifetime with marine grade double wall ultra thick glue lined heat shrink for the ultimate durability and protection
  • The ultimate failsafe against a dead battery from leaving a GPS on overnight
  • Acts as a noise filter on the DC side of the charging system to help smooth out charging system power fluctuations and performance 
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

What Is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is similar to a battery in that it stores energy between plates. Unlike a battery, the charge is stored directly as a difference in voltage (called an electrostatic field) and doesn’t require a chemical reaction to release energy. As such, capacitors can release large amounts of energy very quickly, whereas a battery releases energy at a slower rate. Another way to look at the difference between the two is that a battery is intended to be a source of energy, whereas a capacitor is used to store energy for a short period of time. Access to an immediately available small burst of power is needed to run the ecu and fuel injector in the event of a complete battery failure.


Secure the capacitor to the positive and negative battery terminals then using the included tie strap secure the capacitor to the frame or other structure of the bike. 


Any fuel injected four-stroke or two-stroke enduro KTM or Husqvarna dirt bike. These are bikes with a headlight and kickstand 

In a worst case scenario the battery can be removed completely and the capacitor be connected safely and directly to the cables and the bike push or kick started until a new battery can be installed.

Warning- Charged capacitors can be dangerous and the terminal ends should not be touched with the hands or shorted together. discharge with a 12V light bulb or by allowing it to site overnight
Q: Where is a good mounting place for this?
A: We like to mount them under the muffler side panel as there's a small tab that it can secured to with a cable tie 
Q: I've seen other starting capacitors with an in line fuse? Is that necessary?
A: No, it just adds cost and complexity
Q: I've seen other starting capacitors with a 9v battery adapter option 
A: Those are intended to 'pre charge' the capacitor to 9v for slightly quicker starting possibly eliminating 1 or 2 kicks on a kick start bike, As they are fussy to use and require you to carry a charged 9v battery we don't feel that there's enough benefit to include that option with ours.
Q: Is it true that i just install this on the battery and leave it on for good?
A: Simple as that, it's there and ready to do it's job if and when it's needed.