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DetailsThe Slacker V3 is the ultimate sag tool for your off-road bikes, adventure or street. The V3 is so much more than a sag scale that Motool is re-branding it as the Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner in recognition of it's true capabilities.

Motool has beefed Slacker up, trimmed some fat and gave it a fresh new look and a 2-year limited warranty!

Bike setup is key to a fast, fun and safe ride.

Motool’s patented Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner makes it super fast and simple for anyone to quickly take measurements and make adjustments on the fly, all with absolutely no assistance required. Measurements are shown in real-time on both the main unit and the included remote LCD display.

Check your sag every ride and adjust for different riding conditions and experience just how good your bike can be. Whether you are a top pro or a weekend warrior, see what a perfect bike setup can do for you!

  • Digital Sag Scale reads sag in real time using a retractable slacker cable.
  • Built in Display allows a helper/mechanic to easily read measurements.
  • The new Auto Zero feature lets you use Slacker with no stand.
  • Remote display allows a single person to easily take accurate measurements.
  • Universal mounting works on forks and shocks.
  • The best way to set up new generation SFF and TAC Air forks.
  • The easiest most accurate sag scale available.
  • Backlit display can be turned on for night racing and poor lighting conditions.
  • Fits any off-road bike 65cc and up with steel axles.
  • Fits most street, sport and ADV bikes with the addition of the street kit.
  • Fits almost any street or off-road fork with steel axles.
  • New magnet with countersunk hole accommodates gen 2 axle inserts.
  • Includes main unit, clip, remote display and cable to connect remote.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries- not included.