SKF Ultimate Wheel Bearing Kit
SKF Ultimate Wheel Bearing Kit
SKF Ultimate Wheel Bearing Kit
SKF Ultimate Wheel Bearing Kit

SKF Ultimate Wheel Bearing Kit

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Superior to the OEM parts in every way, a critical upgrade for every bike. These are the best bearings, seals and spacers you'll ever buy for your machine. These exact sets are on Taco Moto Co. sponsored bikes going around the world right now.
Protection from intense off-road contamination and frequent high pressure washing SKF utilizes decades of bearing sealing experience to provide solutions that gives the ultimate riding experience with reduced friction, increased service intervals and longer bearing life.
  • Patented outer seal design and customized materials and construction 
  • SKF wheel bearings
  • Increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and very low power loss
  • Spacer included for an ideal seal running surface and optimum seal performance
  • Superior contamination protection for longer wheel bearing life
  • Resistance to high pressure water wash with patented integrated rotating plastic shield
  • Longest service intervals of any bearing and seal
  • Overall higher reliability for continued high performance of the motorcycle

Made in Italy since 1907

Rear - 20mm axle
09+ KTM ALL EXC, EXC-F, XCW, XCF-W 125-530
14+ Husqvarna ALL FE, FEs, TE
09-14 Husaberg FE, FX, TE

Rear - 25mm axle
13+ KTM ALL 85-450 SX, SXF, XC, XCF
16+ Husqvarna 125-450 TC, TX, FC, FX 

Front - 26mm axle
03-16 KTM 125-530 (except ’15-17 XC, XCF, SX, SXF)
09-14 Husaberg FE, FX, TE
14-16 Husqvarna ALL (except ’16 TC, FC)

Front - 22mm axle
17+ Husqvarna ALL FE, FEs, TE
14 KTM 450 SXF Factory Edition
16 Husqvarna TC, FC 125-450

Use the Tokyo Off Road Bearing Press Tool to install