BRP Rubber UNDER MOUNT Kit *WITHOUT* Scott's Stabilizer
BRP Rubber UNDER MOUNT Kit *WITHOUT* Scott's Stabilizer

BRP Rubber UNDER MOUNT Kit *WITHOUT* Scott's Stabilizer

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The ultimate mounting system for the ultimate steering stabilizer.

  • Photo shows optional cable guide and frame bracket - this kit DOES NOT contain a Scotts Stabilizer, frame bracket or cable guide
  • Kit includes all machine specific components needed for mounting/installation of YOUR stabilizer and frame post.
  • Includes detailed installation instructions.
  • Stabilizes front end for more precise steering
  • Smooths unstable steering and rough feedback at high speeds
  • Eliminates "thrust effect" of having handlebars pulled from your hands unexpectedly
  • Mounts underneath your 1 1/8 inch bars
  • For use with stock triple clamps
  • Reduces rider fatigue and arm pump
  • Dramatically reduces headshake
  • Precision CNC construction
  • Wide adjustability for level of damping and range of steering angle
  • May raise bar height depending on application/machine
  • SUB mount kit comes equipped for 1 1/8" handlebars, for 7/8" handlebars use part #1580070001 to accommodate the smaller diameter bar.
  • Rubber mounted SUB mount, uses 8 Poly-Urethane bushings to help absorb vibration and help reduce rider fatigue.
  • Includes bushings, (Red = Medium compound, Blue = Soft compound) and all necessary hardware.
  • Offers an approximately 1" taller bar position.
  • Large adjuster knob and cable guide are available options

Designed to mount a Scotts stabilizer below the handlebar using your OEM cast or billet triple clamp. The BRP Rubber Mounted SUB adapter mounts to the existing rear bar mount holes and allows you to run in position 3 which is the most common and popular position. SUB Mounting a stabilizer offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" setup and is becoming a very popular setup for GP's, motocross, off road, dual sport applications and riders of taller stature.

  • Offers an approximately 1" taller bar position
  • Lower Bend Bars can be used to compensate for additional height.
  • SUB Mounting reduces the risk of bodily injury
  • Stabilizer is tucked away and protected from potential damage from a crash.

This unit cannot be used with cycra center reach mount handguards.