ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)
ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)

ATHENA GET RX1 PRO ECU (4 stroke Bikes)

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The Athena GET ECU

A Taco Moto Co Exclusive 

Oh yea kids, this is the one right here. This is the ECU / tuning device you’ve been hearing about, that lives up to the hype.

Check it out guys, there’s alot of great tuning and engine management products out there: and we like, race, and sell them all.

Each has it's own strengths and merits and all really are worthy of your bike. It's a great time to be in moto with so many awesome engine management choices.

And while man of them do a great job, when you're ready for the best system there is you're ready for the GET. There’s nothing else like it.

And we know you can source these from lots of outlets like the local bike shop or moto dealer, on-line retailers, even eBay or Amazon.

They’re everywhere, so what are the advantage to buying your GET from Taco Moto Co? 

To help answer that here’s a question I’m asked all the time, "I see these posts and comments on Thumper Talk or Facebook KTM groups and clearly you guys have the best maps and reputation out there for tuning and customer support, but my dealer gave me $100 off a GET when I bought my bike or I found a cheaper one on Ebay than yours. I've already spent a ton on my bike, I'm just trying to find one on the cheap cheap."

I totally get it, dropping this kind of coin on your machine takes a careful look so let’s focus on the Taco Moto Co. difference.

Pretty much all the dealers, eBay sellers and other outlets are shipping this ECU with the generic stock Athena base map in both map slots, likely with some preset traction control on map 2, probably to level 5. And that's cool I guess, because the Athena base maps are great. So much better then the stock ECU and maps.

But we don’t ship our boxes w the stock Athena base maps because we flash each one unique with our own proprietary custom maps none of the other guys can come close to. Every unit that goes out the door from us is custom set up and tested specific for you and your bike.

No one in the tuning business has more dyno, testing, racing and development time on the GET ECU's then we do.

We’re continually testIng and perfecting our maps all through the south west deserts, deep Utah forest tight single track and back canyons, technical gnar gnar in high altitude Colorado, Arizona and Idaho, east coast woods and trails, the insanely grueling Baja 1000 and too many local club races and organized rides to mention. Our test riders and development partners have made our maps what they are and that’s second to none.

We have maps that do things like turn the fan on earlier then the stock fan range, give the tip over sensor extra time to let you pick up your bike after a dirt nap, we can ease back the hit and punch of the power band at low throttle angles to make smoother more predictable power in the low range when you're boulder crawling in the mountains.

Want to have a hard edge rev limiter or a soft entry limit point where the power tapers and flattens off? Want a different rev limit for map 1 then map 2? We got you.

Better power for better control and a better ride.

Did you also know that erratic, choppy, inconsistent power is also terribly demanding and fatiguing to ride? It takes increased focus and muscle attention to ride a bike that’s riding you like that?

The GET system with Taco Moto Co. Custom maps will turn your machine into the most powerful, adaptable and smoothest running bike you’ve ever ridden. No question.

Kit Includes
GET RX1 PRO ECU KIT (new ECU released in 2018)
Map Switch
WiFi Communication Module
2 Custom Tuned High-Performance Maps with Lifetime tech support


  • ​​Built-in barometric pressure sensor PERFECTLY adjusts fueling for elevation changes  (EXCLUSIVE TO THE GET ECU)
  • Most bikes will now start without the choke
  • Lean cough and stall condition completely eliminated.
  • Lets your EXC, XCF-W, FE, FEs run the way the engineers designed it to.
  • ​Loaded with 2 CUSTOM maps created specifically for you. 
  • Easy installation with some brief syncing and confirming of settings in the app. 
  • WiFi into your bike to see diagnostic data, trouble codes, tune and modify the fueling and ignition of map 1 & 2 (EXCLUSIVE TO THE GET ECU)
  • Fueling can be increased up to 30% and decreased 10% with the easy to use free smart phone app.
  • Ignition can be adjusted -30 deg to +5 deg with the easy to use free smart phone app.
  • Dyno tested on a 2020 500 EXCF with the reeds removed, Euro intake boot, high flow Twin Air filter, vented air box cover, stock TKC80 tire, 91 pump gas - bike made 56.8p.
  • The rev limiter can be increased up to 500 over stock with the easy to use free smart phone app.
  • True traction control ready, not just a 'weak sauce' second map like other performance ECU's available or like on the factory KTM map switch. Requires optional traction control switch.
  • One of the most widely used performance ECU on the race track, run by almost all Super Cross teams and on podium bikes in every racing category from GNCC, WORKS, Dakar, EnduroCross, AMA National Enduro and a growing list of class Baja 1000 wins. 
  • Wi-Fi Com exclusive to the GET allows you to fine-tune engine parameters such as injection, ignition and rev limit using a smartphone or tablet and see bike data in real time. 

Our vast portfolio of maps have been developed with our tuning partner Derek Harris of HP Racing Development - he's the tuning wizard who created the first 500/501 map when the GET was launched for the Austrian dual sport bikes in early 2018. He’s the guy who 'invented' these maps and firmware for our bikes and his GET maps have been winning races and championships longer than anyone else.

To say this guy knows Athena, the GET ECU and European race bikes better than anyone tuning today is an understatement. 

Again - other guys will sell you a GET ECU and may dangle a lower price. We've seen them too. But ask around about their maps and their after the sale customer support. Check them out on Thumper Talk, KTM Talk, the EXC / FE Facebook groups or ADV Rider. What are guys saying about customer support and map performance?

Will they give you lifetime map support? Will they email you map updates and help you trouble shoot bike problems on the app and work to get you back on the trail? Do they test ride your ECU before it ships? Can you text them for troubleshooting help on the weekends and get and answer?

There's a difference. 

What's that old saying - buy right and you only feel pain once. 

The GET is the ultimate ECU, it's all the features, all the functions, all the technology, all the bells and whistles, all the goodies. Welcome to the podium, welcome to the future.


  • 2019 EXC and FE's will require the Sicass Racing over and under start / kill switch to shut off. The internal wiring of the bike harness changes the kill switch functionality in the ECU and will require the kill switch to be upgraded.
  • The ECU has (1) accessory pig tail connector that can be used to plug into either the WIFI box or the TRACTION CONTROL KNOB. If you want to have them *both* plugged in at the same time you'll need the accessory Y-CABLE


Pair this device to a Pro Moto Billet End capFMF exhaustYoshimura system or the Graves slip-on for the ultimate power upgrade.


This device is for Closed Course Competition Use only.

Not Intended for Street Use!  Does not conform to CARB / EPA laws and regulations and is not legal for use upon a highway. This controller is NOT California ON-ROAD approved for CARB E.O. D-654

Your order of this product is your consent of agreement to these terms. You agree to hold harmless Taco Moto Co. and Athena USA from any damages you may incur from the use of this product and you consent to the mandate that this device be installed on a closed course competition use only racing vehicle and will not be used on a regulated highway. 


Dyno photograph legend:

Stock bike with reed cage removed and a slip on (dark blue line)
The same bike with a Munn Racing reflashed ECU (light blue line)
The GET ECU (green line)