Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.
Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.
Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.
Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.
Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.
Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.

Taco Tensioner by Taco Moto Co.

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NOTE: this is a new product introduction and may take up to two weeks to ship. Thanks for your patience. 

The old school guys will tell you to just cram three fingers under the chain to set the slack and send it.

Ok sweet. And if you happen to have 58mm fingers (less the thickness of the chain sliders) then you're chain's in spec. 

But if not who know's what the hell slack you'll end up with.

Excessive chain wear, sprocket wear, slider wear, left side wheel bearing failure, primary shaft bearing failure, primary shaft oil leaks can all be the result of improper slack adjustment.

You can set YOUR slack with a finger, a toe, a block of wood or just wing it, but we'll be setting OURS with the Taco Tensioner. 

  • 3D printed to the exact factory tension
  • Innovative locating cam on the bottom to ensure exact placement on the slider 
  • Delicious taco shape to confirm it's working
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • Pack with you on the trail, weighs virtually nothing 
  • Compatible with Polisport swim arm guards installed
  • NOT compatible with TM Design Works Baja Edition 1, 2 & SX chain sliders  

*The upper plastic pant leg chain protector on the street legal dual sport bikes must be removed to make clearance for the adjustment tool.


Any late model KTM 125-501 dirt bike with 55mm to 58mm of chain slack measured from the top of the swingarm.

If your manual describes this same adjustment method this tool is compatible with your bike.



  1. Unweight the swing arm.
  2. Slip the Taco Tensioner under the chain and place the locating tab on the bottom of the tool into the hole on the back of the chain slider and push the tool forward until it stops.
  3. Grab one link of the chain and twist it back and forth. There should be a very slight play to the link. Adjust the chain slack as needed to find this point of tension in your chain.
  4. Remove the tool and Send It🤘🏽. 

All our Taco Moto Co. 3D printed products are engineered and produced by 14 year old Brady and Kaden and 13 year old Elijah.

Our partnership with these clever and innovative kids gives them fantastic exposure and experience with business, creativity, design and fabrication and hopefully will give them a leg up with practicing these skills at such a young age and a real boost to their self confidence and optimism to pursue technical careers if they choose to go that route.

If you have any ideas for products I know they’d be stoked to hear about them.