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FMF Powerbomb

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Because of material supply issues and manufacturing lead times our stock on FMF products is very hit and miss as of August 2020. If you need to check immediate stock on a product please shoot us a call or an email. Otherwise an order placed will be fulfilled when we get our intermittent re supply shipments.

The redesigned PowerBomb is a four-stroke header that incorporates FMF’s patented PowerBomb module at a precise location in the initial stage of the header.

By positioning this “Bomb” at a key point in the system, increased performance and flow is achieved through the expansion and contraction of exhaust sonics through the system.

Result is a flow increase of nearly 10%! The outer chamber in the Powerbomb allows the air to expand, cool and ramp back up at a higher velocity. Additionally, the PowerBomb is a “pre-muffler” of sorts which helps to lower the bikes sound output by providing more sound absorbing surface area for the sound medium (exhaust gases).

On some models, you can choose between a moto or supercross version. The supercross version is designed for more low to mid-range power where the moto version is focused in the mid to upper RPM range.




TYPE A (PN#045364)

  • 13-14 HUSABERG FE350 
  • 14-16 HUSQVARNA FE 250-350 
  • 14-16 250 XCF-W 
  • 12-13 350 EXC-F 
  • 11-12 350 SX-F, XC-F 
  • 12-16 350 XCF-W